About Me

Hello, my name is Sijal. I'm a recent MS Game Design and Development graduate at RIT, where I also studied for my BS in Game Design and Development.My current known languages are C#, C++, HTML/CSS, and JavaScript. In my free time, I enjoy modding games, brushing up on digital coloring, and playing puzzle games!Since I could pick up a controller I've had a passion for video games, and I hope to make use of my skills so I can create experiences that foster the same joy and comfort that games brought me as a child to other gamers.

The Sheikh of Abu Dhabi

Cortina Productions
(Summer 2023, Unity C#)

Programmed educational interactive experiences for clients for use in a multitude of spaces including museums, galleries, sports stadiums, and more.I worked on a variety of experiences, making use of both external and proprietary libraries, tools, and technologies including UAP (UI Accessibility Plugin for Unity) and the Kinect Azure.

VR Driving Simulator
(Winter - Summer 2022, Unity C#)

Programmed a VR Driving Simulator within Unity for the RIT PerForM Lab for the purpose of studying individuals with cortical blindness, and their ability to process optical flow.I worked on the physics based driving system, procedural road generation, as well as the data collection system using the UXF framework.

Changeling VR: Interactive Web Experience
(Summer 2021, JavaScript - Unity C#)

Changeling is a VR mystery, first-person 3D platformer game built upon the idea of magical realism and a sense of unease and wonder. You explore the fears, hopes, and dreams of a family struggling with the health of their baby.I worked on the web front end to create a complimentary interactive mini-gameplay experience ported over from an earlier JavaScript version into C#.


Bone Hunter
(Fall 2023 - Ongoing, Unity C#)

Bone Hunter is a collaborative project between RIT and ArtCenter College of Design students.It is a 2D Action RPG platformer that takes inspiration from platformers such as Ori & The Blind Forest and Hollow Knight to craft a vibrant yet dark world to explore, as well as Soulslikes and the Devil May Cry series to create a challenging yet open-ended combat experience for players to masters.I worked on the player movement system and animation state machine, programmed the boss fight, and facilitate communications between the programming and art teams, as well as handling project management and organization.A playable demo is available on the projects website!

Libertalia: Pirates Paradise
(Fall 2023 - Ongoing, Unity C#)

Explore the high seas and plunder your way to infamy as you build your pirate crew in Libertalia: Pirates Paradise!When you aren't plundering and swashbuckling, put your crew to work and hard plundered resources to good use building your outpost. Build your crews loyalty and your own legacy in the process.My primary role has been handling the design, more specifically gameplay, UI, and UX design. I have also been working on the backend event system and frontend user interaction systems.A playable vertical slice is available on the games itch.io page!

Dungeon Crawlers
(Spring 2023, Analog, TTS)

Dungeon Crawlers is a cooperative roguelike dungeon crawling board game! Explore an ever-changing dungeon and avoid dangerous traps as a whole host of wacky critters!I worked on the gameplay design as well as select elements of the art. The game was originally produced for a Board Game class, but has since been polished and brought to TableTop Simulator!

Untitled Chicken Game
(Spring 2023, Unity C#)

A 3-week long project that focused on creating a platformer assigned to a set theme. The theme for this game is set in a space laboratory. Chicken is about a genetically modified chicken trying to escape the space lab where he was made, but it won't be easy! The labs scientists and all their other experiments are trying to stop you!I worked on animation state machines, sprite animation, enemy ai, and bug fixing.

Sonic P-06: Heroes Mod
(Winter 2022, Unity)

This is a character mod for the Sonic P-06 fangame, swapping out the stock Sonic model and animations for the ones used in Sonic Heroes (2003).I extracted and converted the models and animations from their proprietary RenderWare format to work within Unity.

Portal 2
(Spring 2023)

Level Design Classwork

Battleblock Theatre
(Fall 2020)

Deep Sea Research Squad
(Fall - Winter 2022, Unity C#)

Deep Sea Research Squad is a team project by Sour PiƱatas for IGME 601 Game Processes class. The game focuses on exploring the ocean as a vampire squid and learning about creatures by eating marine snow that they drop.I worked on movement, squid ink defense mechanic, marine snow data and external data reading systems.

Arachnid Hero Project
(Winter 2021, Unity C#, CityEngine)

This project made use of official city building and crime data from the NY Government website, using said data to recreate Manhattan and populate it with "criminals" to apprehend.I worked on the environment generation as well as the handling of processing external crime data to populate the city.

(Spring 2021, Unity C#, Python)

Arduino Unity Projects

These are contained projects developed in Unity that can be interacted with through the external use of sensors connected through an Arduino.

Galaxy Player
(Spring 2021, Unity C#, Python)

Circle of Death
(Spring 2020, TTS)

Circle of Death is a strategy card game requiring careful math, planning, and luck. 2-4 players take on the roles of the Greek Fates, competing to be the one to kill and claim the souls of humans by using various attacks that draw on the environment the human is in. Snag the most human souls, and claim yourself the victor!I worked on the core gameplay, art coloring, as well as TableTop simulator integration.


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